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Are You Ready to Experience the NovaLift Facelift?


March 13, 2024

As you age, your skin will eventually lose its natural elasticity and volume. Over the course of time, your skin may develop wrinkles and start to develop a sagging appearance. The wrinkles are caused by repeated contractions and movements of your facial muscles. These early signs of aging my appear in different areas of your body, including the eyes, cheeks, chin, and neck area.

While the face lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there for restoring the elasticity and firmness of facial skin, not everyone is inclined to undergo a comprehensive surgery to fix their skin problems. For people who do not need or wish to undergo a complete face lift, the all new Novalift might be their best bet.

What is a Novalift?

Novalift is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that has helped transform millions of lives worldwide. It is the perfect treatment for correcting loose or sagging skin around the face and neck areas.

Originally designed to tighten and lift the lower half of the face, the Novalift is now employed extensively to restore the natural firmness of the temples, forehead, and even the lips. The Novalift is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that serves as a fast and efficient alternative to the conventional facelift surgery.

What is the Novalift Procedure Like?

The Novalift procedure is inspired by the concept of using polydioxanone of PDO threads that are typically employed in suturing the incisions of the heart as well as other internal organ surgeries.

What renders these PDO threads as the number one choice of surgeons around the world is their ability to be fully absorbed by the body within a span of a few months after the surgery. Since these threads are naturally absorbed by the body tissues, they do not cause any scarring and deliver natural looking results.

In the Novalift procedure, the doctor employs the use of a preloaded needle to insert the PDO threads deep within the facial skin tissue and reposition and hold the loose skin in place for a tighter and firmer appearance on the surface.

Once the threads are placed within the tissue, the body responds to the presence of a foreign body by stimulating the production of collagen in a bid to repair the damage. The process is known as controlled healing and results in a stronger and tighter skin structure that lasts for over a year.

Why Choose Novalift?

One of the most obvious advantages of the Novalift treatment over conventional facelift procedures is that it is relatively painless and does not require any downtime. As such, you can quickly undergo a Novalift in your office break and get back to work right after.

The threads are placed strategically within the surface of the skin and are virtually invisible. The Novalift does not involve any scarring and yields excellent, natural-looking results that are visible immediately after the treatment session.

Since the Novalift procedure is noninvasive, it does not carry the risk of the side effects or complications that are often experienced in traditional facelift surgery.

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